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Caring for your lingerie not only prolongs its life, but your romantic one as well! Hand wash fine washables in a bath of cold water and a delicate soda-based fabric wash. Regular detergents often contain harsh chemicals that will break down delicate fabrics.

If you must wash your delicates in the machine, invest in a mesh lingerie bag and use the delicate cycle. This will protect your bras from becoming hopelessly wrapped around the washing machine agitator (nightmare!) and other clothes.

AVOID the dryer at all costs; heat breaks down lycra, spandex and elastic, greatly reducing the life of your intimates.

Give your bras a day off! Try to rotate your bras this will allow it time to return to its original shape . Wearing the same bra day after day will result in a stretched-out, poorly fitting undergarment.

Set off a power suit with a beautiful cami underneath. A little glimpse of lace softens and feminizes your work look!

If the band on your bra is riding up and not parallel to the floor, your bra is too small.

The cups of your bra should be ample enough to encase your breasts. Bulging indicates that your cup size is too small.

Always fasten your bra on the loosest fitting: this allows you to tighten the bra as it stretches from normal wear and washing.

If your breasts are falling out of the bottom of your bra, your band is too large

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